Support the movement of having Muslim holidays recognized in the school year, throughout the United States of America. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Hey guys! Please support the movement of having Muslim holidays recognized in the school year and sign the petition! 

With the growing population of Muslims in the United States of America (including first, second, third, and fourth generation) we believe it is high time that Muslim holidays are recognized by schools throughout this nation. Unfortunately many Muslim families are forced to choose between their children’s education and their religious obligations. Muslim school children and staff deserve the same benefits afforded to the followers of other faiths. We call on President Obama to support this petition and advance the inclusiveness of our great nation.


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July 22 — Kerrisdale bike

Okochi Sanso, Saga, Kyoto | Japan (by Yuki—chan)

Sassy & Classy: What I Miss About You...


1) I miss riding my bike at 2 AM after studying for continuous hours.

2) I miss walking over to Rao’s, 30 minutes before it closes, for a Mocha Latte.

3) I miss studying with my sister in the LeWine Room

4) I miss going to Pratt in the night to eavesdrop on students playing music.

5) I miss…

hey, i like your blog! <3 (:

Thank you so much :)